Mouth Guards Should be the Norm in Sport

Sporting injuries are the leading cause of tooth loss. It is estimated that 5 million teeth a year are lost as a result of sports activity.

We all take our teeth for granted. Often, it is only when we are faced with the reality of losing one or several, we realise how important they are. Sadly, for many, this realisation comes too late.

It is a sad fact that too many people are playing sports at all levels and are losing teeth unnecessarily. This is because they are not wearing a mouth guard, or worse still are wearing one that doesn’t fit properly. People who play sport are predictably at a much higher risk of damaging their teeth, and it is astounding that people don’t take steps to protect their teeth.

When people have these injuries, rather than spending a small amount of money on a mouth guard, they face a lifetime of management and dental treatment.

It is recommended that people playing sport should wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth.

Sport is increasingly physical, as you would expect. Rugby shows a high level of dental trauma, but so does Basketball (36%) and martial arts (32%). Surprisingly, hockey has one of the lowest incidence rates (11.5%) – but this is almost certainly due to a high proportion of players wearing mouthguards.

Percentage of sport-related dental traumas

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Martial Arts
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How much will it cost?

There are two types of mouth guard – the off-the-shelf type, including boil and bite type – or one that is custom-made and fitted by a dental professional. At Sunshine Dental, we have years of experience in the making and fitting of custom made mouthguards, and it is sound advice to get one properly fitted.

A custom-made mouth guard costs from £45 – £50. This sounds a lot of money, but, compared to a lifetime of expensive dental work, or, even early tooth loss, the investment outweighs the expense!

No Guard, No Play!

If you play sport, you should stick to a strict motto – NO GUARD, NO PLAY!

If you would like to find out more about getting a custom-made mouth guard at Sunshine Dental, contact the team today.

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