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Sunshine Dental offers a range of bespoke orthodontal services which are designed to improve the appearance and functionality of your teeth. We understand just how debilitating misaligned teeth can be and the effects such a condition can have on your confidence.

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A straighter smile can look amazing, but some people will put off having orthodontic treatment as they think it will be too costly, uncomfortable and time-consuming having to wear unsightly metal “train track” braces for several years.

Thankfully, orthodontics has come on a long way. Modern braces are far more versatile than they once were, providing you with effective treatment without the unsightly wires once associated with braces.

Here at Sunshine Dental, we can offer you an affordable, comfortable, quick solution using the Quick Straight Teeth system or Invisalign aligners. Unobtrusive, near-invisible modern brace systems have made orthodontic treatment a realistic option for those wanting to achieve confident, beautiful smiles but who previously felt too embarrassed to be seen wearing braces.

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