We are Open, We are Caring, and We are Safe

Please take a moment to read our new patient journey guidelines.

The following will provide you with some guidelines and steps on how the team at Sunshine Dental will be welcoming new and existing patients. Our team will be on hand to support you throughout.

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Appointment made or confirmed.

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Screening of all patients prior to the appointment will be completed by a telephone call from the practice.
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Appointment day: please arrive on time not too early or late, let us know when you have arrived. Please stay in the car and call using your mobile or knock on the door and wait outside until we are ready to let you in.
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Enter the reception at our sterilisation point. Our staff will check your temperature. We will ask you to use gel to clean your hands and request that you use a face mask. All personal items (bags and coats) will be placed in a closed box.
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In the treatment room, you will be asked to gel your hands again and requested to rinse your mouth before and after treatment for 20 seconds. Our team will be wearing PPE – it is still us underneath and we will be smiling.

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Before leaving the practice there will be another sanitiser for you to use.

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When you leave the clinic we will disinfect and sterilise the surgery and clean the reception area ready for our next patient.

We look forward to seeing you

Kind regards from the team at Sunshine Dental.

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